The yin-yang symbol in martial arts represents balance. Positive and negative, darkness and light, male and female, and so on.  Some yin-yangs have just a dot of white in the black and vice versa, symbolizing good in all evil and darkness in all light.  So where do we need balance in our lives? Obviously, there’s Read More

Karate is a family Affair

Now, before you go thinking this is another article on how karate can help you defend against bad guys or even up the odds against a bully, think again! Although it is true that martial arts were developed by smaller, weaker people who often fell victim to bands of marauders and robbers, karate can be Read More

As adults, it is easy to forget how we developed our social skills and how well we got along with others to influence outcomes and build healthy, positive relationships. Developing social skills is actually not very far from developing cognitive skills or physical capabilities. Improving mental and physical strength can be achieved with constant practice, Read More

It goes without saying that respect is one of the most fundamental traits required to be successful both professionally and personally. Schools make it a point to teach respect for authority during a child’s most formative years, but the real education truly begins at home, with the parents themselves. Respect is a quality that can Read More