As I test for fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and reflect on where I am in life, as well as where I intend to go, I keep coming back to a topic which I already addressed when I tested for first degree black belt in Kenpo: perseverance, resilience, having an indomitable spirit. Read More

How Karate Ruined My Life and why that’s a good thing. A year ago Tom and I were searching for something more for AJ, who was 6 at the time.  He was (and still is) a sweet, nurturing kid who loves cooking, hugs, animals, and babies.  He’s pretty sure the greatest evil ever perpetrated by Read More

Diane Reeve Kirby Vision Martial Arts Center

Congratulations Grandmaster Reeve on this latest accolade in 2020! BBC Inspirations Award Check out when she receives the award     Vision Martial Arts has been selected the top martial arts school in the area for More than 10 years! Founded in 1995 by Diane Reeve Kirby, M.Ed. an 8th degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor, Read More