Diane Reeve Vision Martial Arts Center

Congratulations Grandmaster Reeve on this latest accolade in 2020! BBC Inspirations Award Check out when she receives the award     Vision Martial ArtsĀ has been selected the top martial arts school in the area for More than 10 years! Founded in 1995 by Diane Reeve, M.Ed. an 8th degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor, Vision Read More

Black Belt in action

Before I was a black belt, I had problems with anger management and humility. However, once I became a black belt, I learned to control myself and restrain my actions instead of acting on them. As such I have managed to stay out of trouble at my new school and make more friends. James   Read More

Karate to boost self-confidence Self-confidence is the ability to trust yourself and your abilities. For that, you need to first know what you are capable of physically, mentally, and emotionally. To know this, it is essential that you push your limits on a regular basis to see how much you can take. Pushing yourself just Read More