Improve Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Karate to boost self-confidence

Self-confidence is the ability to trust yourself and your abilities. For that, you need to first know what you are capable of physically, mentally, and emotionally. To know this, it is essential that you push your limits on a regular basis to see how much you can take. Pushing yourself just a little bit more each workout is the key to extending and expanding your capabilities over time. Since karate and some related martial art forms are essentially about self-improvement of mind, body, and spirit, training is a natural, reliable, and enjoyable way to gain self-confidence.

You can train your kids to practice pushing their limits from a young age, so they learn to give their best in every life situation. Get them started young, in their pre-school years if possible, to reap maximum benefits of karate. These early, formative years are important times for developing bodies and minds. Parents appreciate the physical fitness, good manners, and new friendships formed by their children being in karate.

Karate involves progression from one level to the next, each level corresponding to various
belt colors going from white to black. Each successive rank includes a number of simple and complex moves that must be learned and properly performed, with tests to be passed, to be graduated in rank and belt color. Classes also include free sparring in protective safety gear with peers and seniors to develop students’ self-defense skills.

Karate classes can help children know themselves better and build their self-confidence in many ways.

  • Passing a skill test gives a sense of accomplishment.
  • Sparring develops and tests strategy, speed, agility, and endurance.
  • Praise and positive feedback – and continual progress in the martial arts skills, visible in
    each student’s moves and techniques over time – are motivating results!
  • Getting to the next level and belt color can be a major milestone.
  • It can be a major tool against bullying, helping your kids defend themselves and be safe.

Knowing themselves and improving their abilities give your children the priceless gifts of self- confidence and self-reliance. They learn to have positive attitudes, goals, patience, and other virtues that are especially helpful when trying new things, dealing with problems and setbacks, and facing life’s challenges head-on.

Other benefits of learning karate

The fun practice of karate offers even more benefits to both children and adults who participate regularly. It can teach them many skills and instill leadership traits, in addition to improving their self-confidence.

  • Discipline
  • Physical fitness
  • Social skills
  • Respect
  • Listening
  • Self-esteem

Giving kids the opportunity to learn karate, or any martial arts form, might be the most formative, beneficial, and enduring gift you can give your child besides your love and care. Training, learning, winning, losing, and trying again through the interesting and motivating practice of karate will help them develop good habits and self-confidence. This often results in young people becoming positive, strong, responsible, and confident adults who are ready to take on life as leaders.


Seniors CAN Do Self-defense

A lot of people age 55 and over feel they are too old to fight back in a case of an assault. Not true! Martial Arts was designed for smaller, weaker people to defend against bigger, stronger opponents —SELF


At ACTION SELF DEFENSE, we provide real world self-defense techniques that can work for anyone – no matter what your skill level, age, size, strength, or gender.


The self-defense techniques we teach do not require high kicks, flexibility or superhuman strength. We utilize repetitive motion so that the basic moves become ingrained and automatic in a short period of time. There is nothing complicated or difficult, you just have to learn how. Even if you have prior injuries, disability, or decreased range of motion, we can help you be effective. With over 35 years of training experience, we have had students with degrees of difficulty, and we are able to work around anything.


We also teach how to prevent being targeted by practicing awareness of your surroundings, having a plan, recognizing a threat and how to prevent being targeted by a predator. In addition, you will learn proven de-escalation techniques for tense situations when individuals become verbally out of control; as something that is increasingly prevalent today.


There is nothing worse than fearing a situation because you are unskilled in handling the threat. Knowledge is power! Learning a few simple escapes, disable and destroy techniques and practicing them until they become automatic is the best way to walk with confidence, minimize your fears, feel capable and calm. And if you choose, you’re welcome to explore some of our other classes as well.

Finding Balance Improves Our Lives

The yin-yang symbol in martial arts represents balance.

Positive and negative, darkness and light, male and female, and so on.  Some yin-yangs have just a dot of white in the black and vice versa, symbolizing good in all evil and darkness in all light.  So where do we need balance in our lives?

Obviously, there’s the physical aspect of balance – very early we draw our tiny selves up on our feet and carefully balance our weight as one foot tentatively moves in front of the other.  Physical balance evolves next, such as learning to ride a bicycle, do gymnastics or perform challenging moves like elevated sidekicks or pole vaulting.  But balance goes much deeper than this.

There is balance we strive for in our diet: fruits, vegetables, proteins, milk and carbohydrates in healthy proportions.  Our personalities must also be balanced, not wildly energetic all the time (manic) or lethargic constantly.  A balance must be struck between activity and rest to be healthy.  Not everyone needs the same amount of activity and rest.  But all must find their way to what personally works best, which is easier said than done.

America is at its heaviest in history, with more than 30 percent of the population not just overweight but obese.  Children represent a significant proportion of this epidemic.

Why?  Because we are out of balance.  We spend too much time watching TV, playing video games and not enough time playing softball or swimming.  We spend too many nights eating fast food en route to myriad places we all “must” go and not enough time sitting down as a family to enjoy a healthy, balanced meal together.

There’s also been increased emphasis on academics in our schools and less focus on good, old fashioned physical education.  Exercise is often seen as drudgery or something to be endured.

I can relate.  Lifting weights to me is a mind-numbing bore, and jogging is worse.

The key to finding balance in our lives is to practice really doing what we are doing.  Huh?  We must take a deep breath and concentrate on doing one thing at a time.