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About Us

About Our School

Vision Martial Arts Center, Female Owned and Operated, is dedicated to providing 5-star martial arts instruction to kids, teens and adults. Since its inception in 1995, VMAC has provided real world Self -Defense and character development training for thousands of students young and old. Our program is designed to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit for each individual. Our motto is “Building Positive Life Skills Through Martial Arts”.

We offer classes in a variety of styles in order to meet the varying needs of our students. Our classes are filled with excitement and are focused on developing the qualities of a champion. We are specialists in building confidence, respect, focus, perseverance, integrity and indomitable spirit. These foundations help all our students to excel in any endeavor they choose. And when the time comes, they will have the confidence and character to make the right decisions when opportunities and difficulties arise. We are proud of our five-star Google, expertise.com and Dallas A- List ratings.

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Grandmaster Diane Reeve is an 8° black belt and has been owner of vision Martial arts Center since 1995- one of the very few women who are the sole owner of a martial arts school. With over three decades of martial arts experience, she is one of the highest ranking female black belts in the World Martial Arts Ranking Association, founded by grandmaster J. Pat Burleson, who was the second person to receive a black belt in taekwondo in the United States in 1962. Miss Reeve has a third-degree black belt in Kobudo, second- degree in Kenpo, and first degree in Aiki jujitsu. She is also a registered nurse and has a master’s degree in education. Her numerous awards include:

  • 2020 BBC Inspirations Award
  • Paul as Chapman Award for the Foundation for the Improvement of Justice
  • World blackbelt.com instructor of the month
  • Hearts and Heroes award for being a community hero whose courage, strength and commitment provide an inspiration to others
  • Member of the Masters Hall of Fame since 2014
  • Female martial arts Master of the year US Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2015
  • She is a contributing author to the Ultimate Guide to Taekwondo and has written numerous articles for a variety of martial art magazines.

Why Choose Vision Martial Arts Center?

Our classes are exciting and build character development!

Our caring instructors are personally trained from the beginning by grandmaster Reeve. Not only do they have the knowledge and expertise to teach real world Self-Defense, they are also champions at instilling life lessons and character development skills. Our class size allows instructors to teach each student according to their individual needs and learning styles. All in a fun and exciting atmosphere that keeps students coming back so they can earn their black belt and beyond.

Family friendly and convenient

VMAC is one of the few karate schools that offers families classes – so the entire family can train together! Plus, we start students as early as three years of age. Our class schedule offers numerous times and dates for each age group and students can choose any classes any week! We make it so easy to work karate training into your schedule.

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  • My name is Sajitha. I wanted to let you know that Vision Martial Arts has given a lot of confidence for my daughter. She was a very shy kid and it has helped her train properly and she is more disciplined and more outgoing and more confident about herself, and I think it’s all because of the training she received here at Vision Martial Arts.

  • In the two years that our son has participated at VMAC with Diane Reeve and her excellent teachers, the impact has been far greater than the physical. The enjoyment he has got from the history of the development of Tae Kwon Do is immense. The discipline that he has developed as he heads towards the teenage years has been invaluable in managing his own self, in the sport and in the challenges that life brings. The responsibility that he has learned to take for his equipment and himself in order to do the best he can have increased measurably over this time. The physical benefits are not only strength, but also deliberation and control over himself, which is reiterated within the dojo as having the strength to walk away from a situation. Being called upon to articulate how he feels about his own achievements with belt levels by writing an essay has been another facet of his learning, a life skill in a real sense.

  • Vision Martial Arts Center has been one of the best things to happen to my daughter. Recently diagnosed with ADHD, she has always had a very hard time focusing and has suffered from a lack of confidence. Since starting her training in Tex Kwon Do, her ability to focus has sky rocketed and she has never been more confident. The staff is always wonderful and encouraging. No matter how hectic life can be, there will always be room for her Tex Kwon Do training. Taking my daughter out of Vision Martial Arts center is simply not, and never will be, an option.

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