Self-Defense Courses

Self-Defense Courses

Refuse to be victimized! Gain the security & peace of mind to protect yourself and your loved ones… Take Action!


Action Self Defense provides efficient, effective, quality 1-8 hr self defense courses for women, children, people who travel, or anyone who wants to feel more self confident when threatened or actually assaulted. Programs are excellent for team-building corporate seminars.

Owner Diane Reeve is a 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, holds black belts in several other styles of martial arts and has a Masters in education. She has almost 30 years of martial arts training, 20 of which as owner of a martial arts school (Vision Martial Arts Center) where she has promoted over 170 people to Black Belt.

Ms. Reeve was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2014 and received the Paul H. Chapman award from the Foundation for Improvement of Justice for her significant contribution to the improvement in justice in America.

She provides a quick and easy “fix-it” for those who want basic self defense without a black belt, and will travel to your site or host the class at her martial arts school, Vision Martial Arts Center (Dallas A-List Top Three Award Winner – 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

See what Students in Plano, TX are saying about our Self-Defense Courses!

Christopher Smith

My 17 year old daughter and rising college freshman just completed Vision Martial Art’s University Safety 101 course. The course lasted about 3 hours and taught awareness and prevention (recognizing and then avoiding or de-escalating situations that can result in harm) as well as hands-on instruction for basic escape and resistance techniques. What is more, the course includes information about the risks of hazing, drugs and alcohol, and dating/relationships that are part of the college scene for many students. The instructor and owner Diane Reeve is an 8th degree blackbelt and has both the training and the experience to instill confidence in her students. Whether its this school or another, I strongly recommend that every young woman leaving home for college complete a course like this.

Joseph Ammouri

I really appreciate you equipping my daughter to protect herself. In addition though, I find a big value in my daughter hearing your story and being encouraged by it. Keep up the good work. I hope that you’ll be hearing from me again soon.

Meghan C.

Great activity for my Girl Scout Troop of rising College Freshman who completed the Vision Martial Art’s University Safety 101 course. This well done course lasted 3 hours, was very informative and stressed awareness, prevention, including recognizing and then avoiding scary situations that can result in harm as well as how to not make yourself a target. The girls enjoyed the class as well as the hands-on instruction for basic escape and resistance techniques. When asked if the girls learned anything new, every hand went up, the instructors were easy to speak with and the girls asked some tough questions that they felt comfortable asking. Important information was discussed including risks of hazing, drugs/alcohol, making smart safe choices and dating/relationships which the girls will encounter as they are away. The instructor and owner, Diane Reeve who is a blackbelt nurse, helped to answer questions and the girls left with knowledge and greater confidence. I recommend every young woman attending college complete a course this course. The facility was very clean, masks were worn, social distancing was used and hand sanitizer was plentiful.

Bree LeGrand

Diane, We appreciate you coming to Encompass Health Richardson to teach us about self defense. You made the class informative and fun for the whole group. I had several employees compliment you and mention how much they enjoyed it! We all feel much more confident and empowered thanks to you!